Make Baggage Your Bitch

I coach women who think emotional baggage is screwing with their current romantic relationship. If that’s you, the 10-week “Make Baggage Your Bitch” program is exactly what you need. You’ll learn how to deal with emotions like fear and anxiety to create the relationship you want.

I’ll teach you the process of figuring out where you are stuck so you can work through whatever comes your way. If I can do it – you can do it!

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I Have Racist Thoughts.

I do sessions via Zoom.

Life coaching changed my life and I love sharing what I’ve learned.

Dawn has been coaching me over the last several months and she is amazing! She is so easy to talk to and trust. She helps me have a greater awareness of my thoughts and how they affect my experiences. The perspective that she offers in our coaching sessions is invaluable. I have greater clarity and direction as I make decisions for myself and for my life. The changes I’ve been able to make since learning the concepts Dawn teaches have completely upleveled my life. I highly recommend coaching with Dawn to anyone who’s ready to do the work to experience their life in a meaningful and full way!

Misty T., Arizona

Why you get defensive.

I just had a revelation. I thought I’d worked through some feelings of defensiveness. But, no. Here’s what happened. About a year ago, someone said I was “bossy.” At the time, I realized we get defensive cause our brains think we’re under attack. So we defend by coming up with all the ways the personContinue reading “Why you get defensive.”

I have racist thoughts.

When I first heard a life coach named Kara Lowentheil say something like“if you were raised in American society, you’re racist,” I thought “What? That’s crazy.” And then, my brain came up with all the ways she was wrong. My brain found all kinds of evidence to prove I wasn’t. My brain said things likeContinue reading “I have racist thoughts.”

Why it’s okay to complain, and why you think you shouldn’t.

Maybe you’ve replayed a conversation you had with friends and thought something like “I can’t believe Arianna was complaining about her boyfriend spending too much money when Vicky’s husband just got diagnosed with leukemia. Arianna needs to keep that shit to herself when we’re hanging out with Vicky.” My guess is you have definitely comparedContinue reading “Why it’s okay to complain, and why you think you shouldn’t.”

How to control the relationship with your partner (or anyone else).

A woman named Julia was at work in her office last Friday. That afternoon, a delivery person dropped off a beautiful bouquet of red roses at the reception desk. And, they were for her. The card read “Thank’s so much for last night, Jeff.” She was gobsmacked because roses were the last thing she’d expected.Continue reading “How to control the relationship with your partner (or anyone else).”

Dawn’s coaching has been a life saver for me. Her thought provoking questions and ideas have helped me grow in many areas of life.  Her coaching about doing a thought download continues to be a tool I use when dealing with challenging situations. Dawn has helped me see past the difficult circumstances I’ve had so I can see the future in a more positive way.

Lara E., Pennsylvania  

Working with Dawn has really opened my eyes to how I have been showing up in my marriage.  She has helped me figure out how I can feel happy and secure in my marriage and in my life in general.  Dawn has really given me some great insights as to what I was really thinking and helped me move forward in dealing with some tough situations.

Heather M., Georgia